What Can Help Bust Belly Fat Ahead of the Holidays

bigstock-Woman-Trying-Hand-To-Zipper-He-6184967The holidays are fast approaching and we all know what that means: food! Copious amounts of sumptuous deliciousness from turkey and holiday hams to pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. It’s all so yummy and therefore keeping healthy during the holidays seems impossible because of it – especially if you’re fighting against belly fat.

If you’re trying to get rid of that stubborn waistline, now is the time to start – before the holidays get into full swing. Superfood green juice for belly fat may be the simplest, easiest and most tasty way to start blasting your waistline before the onslaught begins.

Skip the Sugar

Holiday foods and drinks are already overflowing with added refined sugars, so skip the ready-mix green juices because they also include piles of sugar. That means the ones in bottles in the grocery store. The added sugar is (allegedly) to make them taste better. But sugar is the root cause of our nation’s obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Go for a superfood supplement in powder form, as part of a diet rich in organic whole foods. That is exactly the kind of green juice you need for belly fat. Get started now, enjoy the great taste and the outstanding nutrients, and start losing the paunch before the festivities get underway.

Choose Your Eats Wisely

Holiday eating could be an Olympic sport in some households. In order to survive the food shoveling games, choose wisely what you will eat. Start consuming green juice superfood now for your belly fat and your wellbeing. Then at the gatherings and parties, your body will crave junk less and want to go for the vegetable sides.

At the dinner table, as tempting as they are, avoid starches like mashed potatoes or take a tiny serving only and savor them slowly. For protein, reach for skinless turkey and chicken breast (white meat).

Green Juice Before Meals is Incredibly Smart

Many of us prepare for holiday eating like athletes before a game and that often involves not eating anything. That’s a mistake. It’s like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

We’ve all heard the advice to eat healthy at home before going to a party. That way, you haven’t the room or desire to pig out on the calorie-loaded nosh. Take that a step further: enjoy your green juice superfood before heading out or before the meal. The right green juice supplement for belly fat fighting is full of minerals and vitamins that fill you up in a good way.

Fiber is Key

To combat that belly fat before, during and after the holidays, your green juice needs fiber. Fiber has no calories but with it you feel satiated and the likelihood of overeating is decreased. Buying a packaged green juice at the store will give you sugar (that causes cravings) rather than fiber. You can juice your own ingredients, for sure, but there are things to consider: expense, time for shopping, researching the nutritional balance, and the time and clean up. A great green superfood supplement powder has everything you need in a flash with no mess and no hassle.

Make the Life Change

While green juice is great for your waistline, it should not be used just for that. Use green juice in conjunction with good diet, strength training and aerobic exercise. You’ll have less belly fat for the holidays and for life!

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