Tips for Juicing on a Tight Time Schedule

Food clock. Healthy food conceptFor whatever reason, some people have bought into a misconception that juicing daily takes up precious time in their busy schedules. I don’t get it. Juicing is simple. It really boils down to wanting to do it and being prepared. You prepare for a meeting or an interview or business trip. Why not prepare for your daily fuel intake and preserving your good health?

I also get it that life is busy. For sure! But don’t fall for that ‘convenience’ thing about picking up breakfast at the drive thru. That’s the exact kind of thing that de-motivates us from eating healthier.

Juicing is fun and delicious. Getting into the habit of juicing regularly will improve your life, without a doubt. Stock up on those fresh fruits and vegetables because juicing is a great way to unlock their vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Plus… stir in a scoop of the best green superfood supplement to crank up the health value to the max.

If your life is busy, prioritizing your health is even more important than ever. Here are some tips  specifically created to make juicing for busy people easier.

Make It Sacred

Having the idea is a start. Now make it happen. In your busy schedule, reserve 15 minutes once a day and honor it. Put it in your planner or on your “To do” list. It is more important than the coffee you never skip. Literally make yourself get out the juicer and ingredients. Tell yourself how great it will be and how important it is. The first three weeks to a month are the toughest, when temptation will be greatest and the nay-saying voices in your head will be loudest.

A grocery bag full of healthy fruits and vegetables on whiteShop and Plan Ahead

Meal planning is an essential part of every proper health regimen and doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s simple… If you buy the fresh ingredients and see them in your fridge, you will want to use them. If you don’t, you are more likely to go with convenience.

Besides, you know that good planning makes for efficiency.

By the way, shopping and planning ahead includes buying green superfood supplement powder to add to your juice. If you’re not sure about juicing ingredients, get the fruits and vegetables that taste good, then add a scoop of powder to your juice to instantly turn it into a nutrient dynamo.


Now that you have the ingredients for a week’s worth of juice, allocate them immediately to containers. This is part of planning ahead. Put the ingredients for each juicing effort together (except for the superfood powder). When you do your juicing, it’s as easy as getting out a container and flipping a switch. Otherwise seeing bags upon bags of leafy greens and baskets of berries can be a little intimidating.

Get Others Involved

No matter how busy you are, participating in activities with others increases your likelihood of following through and continuing. So, from diets to the gym to juicing, your best bet for success is to do it with others. Encourage each other. Cheer for each other. It’s more fun that way.

See? Juicing for busy people is not hard. It takes discipline and effort. But you know it’s worth it.

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