Tips for Eating Clean During the Summer Months and Activities

clean eating summerWho doesn’t love summer? The weather is awesome and you want to do anything that involves being outdoors. But it sure isn’t the easiest time for healthy eating.

From the beach to the carnival, from pools to shopping malls, from cold beers to hot BBQs, eating clean in the summer can be a real test of will power.

Fortunately, clean eating in summer is very possible. With some planning and discipline – and a green supplement – your summer diet can be as clean as the weather is hot.

So Good Yet So Bad!

Traditional summer food may be delicious but is also very much less than ideal. Heat and fun can easily make us sacrifice quality for convenience. Everywhere we go, the food is processed, or deep fried, or smothered in butter and salt, or dripping in sauce, or all of these. There’s baseball games, amusement parks, road trips, restaurants, BBQs and patios. Summer has no shortage of places to go, but almost always you’re at the mercy of unhealthy menu choices.

The good news… if your goal is to eat clean, you still can enjoy summer. Clean eating can make you enjoy summer more. There is nothing forcing you to eat those foods and drink that beer. Try following these tips and your summer will no longer be weighed down by the deep fryer.

It’s All About Breakfast

Breakfast is the foundation for the entire day ahead. Think of it like servicing your car and filling the gas tank before going on a trip.

The better the breakfast, the less hungry you will be when you’re out and about, and thus less tempted to eat something that’s fast. Not enough time to eat breakfast in the morning? No problem! Simply portion out the ingredients for a high-octane smoothie the night before. Leave them prominently in the fridge. Be sure to include a scoop of green superfood supplement to provide perfect nutrient intake. Great nutrition from the moment you wake up means less hunger.

Plan Ahead

Meal planning is essential to clean eating. For summer, plan your meals for a week and go buy the ingredients. When you have fresh ingredients in the fridge and pantry, you are more motivated to consume them and not them go to waste. This reduces the temptation of eating out or ordering in.

Heading out on a day trip? See the above section about breakfast. Plan your snacks and set them aside. Invest in a small cooler bag and some portion control Tupperware. That includes setting aside a scoop of your green superfood supplement. This way you have no need to think about spontaneous snack purchases and can feel pride knowing you are fueling your body right.

Besides, you may inspire your friends to join you!

Be aware of where you are going and what temptations lie ahead. Ballparks have hotdogs, carnivals have funnel cakes, but planning and advance purchasing provides motivation for a clean eating summer.


Summer means drinking water. Plenty of it. Plain, clean water. Clean eating also involves plenty of water. What a coincidence, eh?

Either add some green supplement to your water or else include a scoop in your portion containers and add a little at a time throughout the day.

Watch Out For Alcohol

You could call beer ‘liquid bread’. On patios and at BBQs, it’s hard to get away from it. This part is entirely in your hands. But if you’re committed to eating clean for summer, you know what to do. You also know that alcohol can ruin your eating by making you crave crappy foods.

Do the things we said above. Stay hydrated, consume a proper breakfast, plan ahead, use your supplement, and it will be easier. It will.  Happy summer!

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