Three Organic Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

food photography of heart made from different fruits and vegetables on wooden tableFor centuries, presenting food has been synonymous with showing affection toward loved ones. From mothers preparing meals for their families to a boy surprising his girlfriend with breakfast in bed.

It only stands to reason that food is a constant factor in almost every Valentine’s Day celebration. The only snag is that often the foods to “spoil” someone are unhealthy, excessive and even unethical in their production and preparation.

This year, why not arrange some organic Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone? With a little ingenuity and a green supplement, you can treat your organically-focused partner to a day of healthful love.

Nothing Says Love Like Something From the Oven

When I think of baked goods, not only do I think of the deliciousness that is soon to ensue; I also think about the time and effort it takes to bake something. It’s this reason that makes baking such a popular choice of gifts for Valentine’s Day, because it combines both substance and effort, which is a true sign of love from anyone.

Don’t believe that to taste good, your offering must be decadently unhealthy. The Internet is awash with organic recipes and ideas for Valentine’s Day.

With the growing trend of going organic, there is no shortage of delicious recipes for cakes, cookies, brownies and pies, and many of these recipes take it a step further, by allowing you to include a few scoops of a green superfood supplement into the recipe. This, combined with the insurgence of organic foods at most grocers will allow you to prepare something that will not only warm your loved one’s heart, but will also do it some good.

Skip the Florist and Head to the Produce Section

If you must get flowers, organically grown and ethically sourced is the way to go, although not always easy.

But… a custom gift basket filled with organic fruits and vegetables as an alternative Valentine’s Day gift; that is something that would get some use. Especially if you take it and your partner on a picnic.

If your loved one is all about organic, arrange beautiful and colorful organic fruits and vegetables as if it were a bouquet. While you’re at it, be sure to add an organic supplement as the centerpiece – for those busy days when your partner might not have the time to prepare fresh food. Not only is this a healthy alternative, but the time you put into it will surely be appreciated.

Start the Day Off Right

Dinner normally gets all the attention as far as Valentine’s Day meals are concerned, but remember it’s called Valentines “Day” not, “Evening”. Every meal is a potential way to show your love through an organic Valentine gift.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, start off your organic Valentine’s Day gift giving with breakfast in bed. Keep it simple and light with organic eggs, organic fruit salad, and an organic green superfood smoothie that will rev up your loved one’s vitality and energy.

Organic is the way to go every day of the year, for so many reasons. Be sure Valentine’s Day follows the same pattern, especially if organic is important to your partner. Take the time and effort to create some wonderful organic Valentine’s Day gifts and enjoy the love for a long time to come.

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