The Best Alternative To Shakeology

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Is Shakeology really the best for losing weight while still receiving appropriate nutrition, or is there an alternative approach? Shakeology is certainly popular and marketed as a wonder product that will help you lose weight and control your hunger. The whole theory is to replace the food you usually eat while providing you with enough nutrition to still have a happy, energetic, productive day. But how effective is that, really?

Let’s think about an Shakeology alternative idea that can provide you with the best possible nutrition from a superfood supplement.

The Drawbacks of Shakeology

Shakeology is vegetarian and contains some pretty expensive ingredients, which is why it carries a hefty price tag. Shakeology also carries a high dose of sodium with each serving, which your arteries and your kidneys may not necessarily appreciate. As for vitamins and minerals, a Shakeology serving offers no more than a good vitamin supplement. Besides, a supplement is meant to accompany a good and varied diet, not replace it.

Therefore it makes sense to look for an alternative to Shakeology.

Photon Superfuel

Yes, it’s our product. But this powdered supplement was created by an American Doctor specifically to replace fresh juicing with an easy-to-take, health-packed product that will cut down on the mess and expense while helping his patients get optimal nutrition. This product could reduce your risk of heart disease and improve cardiac function in two ways. First, it supports your heart and its functions with all of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Second, Photon’s real, organic superfood ingredients will help you feel satisfied and not hungry without using chemical alternatives and sodium to suppress appetite.

On top of that, everyone using Photon Superfuel says it tastes great and they feel great every day.

You Need Natural Organic Ingredients – Like Spirulina

If you are going with a Shakeology alternative, go all out with the kinds of potent ingredients lacking in Shakeology. These include the green superfood spirulina, a blue-green algae that has existed since almost the dawn of Earth. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking weight loss, a nutritional supplement or simply an easy increase in superfoods – it’s all good. Some medical professionals  these days use spirulina to treat and prevent radiation illnesses. With events like Fukushima going on, why wouldn’t you want some backup from an organism almost as old as our planet?

Super Health Capabilities

It’s not just the algae that makes Photon Superfuel a great alternative to Shakeology. You need more Vitamin A to support eye function, for example. Then throw in ingredients you won’t see in Shakeology like kale, spinach, broccoli, beet roots, bilberry, apple pectin, milk thistle, green tea, ginger, and many more.

It is so convenient to simply stir or blend these things into your favorite drink. It’s cost-effective, too. Buying all the individual ingredients would cost more and take much more time and effort.

To top it off, a medically-formulated supplement should provide much more confidence and peace of mind that you are doing what your body truly needs for the long-term, rather than merely chasing a short-term goal.

So, while Shakeology is popular, an easy and superior alternative that costs less is close at hand.


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