The Benefits of Using a Super Greens Powder

It’s ironic that as we learn so much about how to eat healthy and lead a better lifestyle, the more difficult and complicated it has become to find the time to actually do these things.

Thankfully, one advance has brought us the convenience and benefits of super greens powders. One scoop each day mixed into water, juice or a smoothie is all it takes to provide us with high potency nutrition to rev up our metabolisms and help us feel great.


benefits super greens powderThe first benefit of a super greens powder aligns perfectly with our modern lifestyle: it’s so simple and convenient. One scoop per day is pretty much all it takes. Enjoy it in your favorite beverage or mix some into your salad or baking. It’s so easy to take, which arguably is one of the biggest hurdles in a healthy diet.

Then consider everything you get in one scoop and how much research, time and expense it would need to shop for everything. Among other things, you get kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, beet roots, spirulina, green tea, ginger, bilberry, apple pectin, celandine, milk thistle, grape seed extract, licorice, the list goes on.

Let’s face it… Who has time to shop for the best ingredients every single day of the week? Who knows exactly what vegetables and fruits – and in what quantities – will provide the ideal balance of super nutrients each day? Who can manage to juice all these things regularly and then handle all the clean up?

On top of all that, instead of packing your fridge to overflowing, a supplement powder provides everything in a compact container.

Everyone loves convenience!

High In Antioxidants

Everybody knows that antioxidants are good, but few people know what they do or which foods to get them from. Antioxidants in ingested foods like spinach and broccoli, as the word implies, prevent other molecules in the body from oxidizing. This is important because, while it is common enough to have oxidized molecules in your body, an excess of them (known as ‘free radicals’) can wreak havoc on your body at the cellular level. This has been directly linked to many of the diseases that plague us today.

It should make eating your broccoli that much more appealing. Even if broccoli isn’t your thing, you can still get the benefits of it – and many other incredible antioxidants – in a super greens powder. Which brings us back to convenience.

Excellent Source of Fiber

As important as it is to ingest what your body needs, equally so is to maintain the system that processes it all and expels waste. Quality fiber means better digestion and healthier bowels and colon. Diets high in fiber have been linked to a reduction in cancers and diabetes because they increase the body’s efficiency in removing toxins.  And it’s all available in a greens powder.

Feel Great!

Pretty much everyone who takes a super greens powder supplement every day says they feel better. More energetic, more alert, able to concentrate better, less mopey, less inclined to crave sugars and junk foods, and so much more. That alone is a massive benefit and drawcard.

So, get your super greens powder and start really living! It really is an easy and convenient way to march towards improved health and nutrition.

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