The Benefits of Green Juicing to Boost Your Exercise Routine

green juicing benefitsExercise and diet. They are the pillars of personal health. Maintaining both in this modern world can be a challenge, to say the least. Still, clean living remains the goal. To beef up your energy and clarity of mind to achieve that clean living, cut out processed food and chemical supplements in favor of the best that nature has to offer. Take in the right fuel and go for it with the workouts. Green juicing offers benefits to both your body and mind – especially when that juice includes daily dosages of a doctor formulated green superfood supplement.

Going Green Means Much More

There was a time when humans didn’t have to watch what they ate. They simply ate what was available, and for the most part it was good and healthful. People also didn’t have to worry about physical fitness back then because most were more active through daily chores, work and travel to/from work. With the advent of modern convenience technology has come two disadvantages: less physical activity and more pollution. People are working fewer physical jobs, food has become massed produced, massive corporations have taken over food production, and our bodies are paying the price.Going green means looking after two environments: the wider world and the one inside your body.

The opportunity is still there to turn it around. Fitness and health movements are booming. Go green with your food intake. We all know green vegetables are essential. Green superfoods are the absolute key. Add them to green juicing daily and feel the benefits of enhanced energy, clearer thinking, stronger desire to be active, and a greater sense of responsibility.

First Thing In the Morning

Whether you are planning on working out early or later, get all the essential vitamins,minerals and nutrients you straight away after rising with green juice. When you have an empty stomach, it is easier for your body to digest the good stuff, especially magnesium, vitamin C and proteins. There’s nothing difficult about it. Just blend leafy green vegetables with some fruit and a scoop of organic green supplement powder and you’ll get a turbo boost for whenever your workout comes.


Pre-workout supplements are a big business and create a real buzz in workout circles where people try to dazzle each other with huge long names for ingredients that are supposed to be the next high-tech wonder. Forget it. It’s marketing. Deep down, you know that clean and green is what you need.

A glass of green juice with a green superfuel supplement in it will have your body primed and balanced with all the nutrients and enzymes it needs for a workout. Green juice prior to a workout helps increase blood flow, supports respiratory function, neutralizes oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.


After exertion, your body needs some energy replacement. Again, avoid the chemicals. Green juice and superfoods have  superior restorative properties. After a hard workout, green juicing provides the benefits of electrolytes, protein, calcium and magnesium for those tired, inflamed and starving muscles. Green juice mixed with a superfood supplement will enable a quicker recovery.

If you haven’t tried a green superfood supplement before, you should. You will be amazed at the difference. The gym people won’t promote it because they’re not sponsored by it. But listen to what nature tells you and reap the benefits.

Important tip: In addition to getting the benefits from green juicing, stay hydrated before, during and after workouts.

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