Elizabeth E.

I discovered Superfuel while visiting my doctor’s office.

My 2 year old daughter was not gaining weight and had become a very picky eater.   I thought about mixing the green drink powder into my daughter’s smoothies and my doctor felt this was a good idea and supported me.   My daughter only wanted to eat  a fruit smoothie for every meal, and I needed to get her to eat vegetables.   I began mixing the Photo Superfuel powder mixture into her smoothies.   She didn’t seem to mind the taste – or she couldn’t tell, I wasn’t sure.

I have done this for 2 years now.  She is almost 5 and her eating habits are much healthier.  She now eats and likes many different kinds of vegetables, mostly raw, and enjoys fruits from the ordinary to the exotic.  She is not much of a sweet eater, and I believe that giving her the Photon Superfuel powder, mixed in different recipes, has helped her acquire a more mature taste and has contributed to her healthy weight gain, and energy.

Previously she was not a good sleeper, seemed a little lethargic, and was a bit of a whiner.  Maybe it was just, in part, due to her age but I do believe that Photon Superfuel has given her a boost and a healthier body.

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