Jessi Smith

I have been in gyms and on all kind of Protein powders and weight loss ideas including HGC for the past 30 years.

I started discovered Photon Super Fuel a Green Food Energy powder in June of 2014.  At the time I was 210 lbs 30 lbs over weight according to my doctor and increasing that every month.

Due to a family crisis I found this product Photon Super Fuel developed by a Medical Doctor in Nevada, he went over the product with me and I was very impressed.

I ordered 3 months of the product and a little extra because I like to use more than recommended.

I started using the product around July 1st 2014 and it was very interesting how this product works. I found with having a drink first thing in the morning using this powder, kale, fruit and anything else that looked good and would work in my 10 year old Vitamix I started my own program.

First it changed my eating habits because not only did it curb my appetite it killed my craving for sugar and fat greasy products.  For a period of time I actually had to remind myself to eat later in the day.

Of course I began to loss wright and feel generally well with whole lot more energy.  One I had lost 25 to 30 lbs my appetite for food later in the day started coming back, so I added back in food that was good for my new life style.  The product was using my body fat for food and energy until it was down to the weight that it really felt most comfortable at.

When I had lost 35 lbs over a 3 month period I kept using the product and I have maintained that weight loss and I am still using the product 1 year later.

One thing I have done is set and average weight I am trying to maintain and keep that within a 5 pound swing.  That is 173 pounds so anything between 170 and 176 is just fine with me.

I weigh myself every morning and adjust things accordingly if I am outside of my target range.

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