Ann P.

When Dr. Milne first formulated Photon Superfuel 15 years ago, my father was dealing with a life threatening illness.  His appetite was poor and his nutrition virtually non-existent.  I knew that I had to supplement his diet some way and the usual prescription of canned liquid nutrition was not an option for us.   He needed a “pure” nutritional supplementation.  My dad had difficulty swallowing capsules or pills so the powder form of Photon Superfuel, developed by Dr. Milne, worked very well for us.  My dad could drink liquids much easier than chewing food.  Food had no taste to him so he didn’t want to eat.  I began mixing him his Superfuel in cranberry juice twice a day, morning and late afternoon.  He drank the drink easily and could finish the entire 10-12 ounces with no trouble.  Although some of the doctors gave up on my dad and wanted to just let his life take it’s course, Dr. Milne continued to support him with natural treatments and together we were able to get my dad back on the golf course, which was where he wanted to be, within a month.  I feel that Photon Superfuel kept him healthier and gave him better energy so that he could enjoy his life doing things he loved, which was golfing everyday with his life long friends.

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