Storing Your Green Juices – Good or Bad Idea?

storing green juiceIf you read our blog about juicing for busy people with hectic schedules, you know the time-saving benefits of buying your ingredients once a week and setting them into separate containers, ready when you need them.

Another potential time-saving practice might be to do all your juicing at one time and storing it. It’s well known that some green vegetables don’t keep in the fridge as long as fruits do. Spinach is a good example. So, questions arise. Is storing green juice a good idea? Isn’t it always best to consume it immediately after it comes out of the juicer and you’ve stirred in your green superfood powder? Will storage reduce its nutritional benefits? How long until it goes off? Can you freeze it?

The good news is that you can store juice. For a short while. We’ll look more closely at that below. Of course, your homemade juice won’t have the same shelf life as anything bought from the store, but on the flipside of that, your fresh juice won’t have preservatives or additives.

By following the tips here, you can enjoy the benefits of your juice longer, before its “expiration date” arrives.

Go Organic

Organic produce has to be the first choice for juicing because there are no pesticides, no GMO, and you can leave the nutrient-packed peels on. It’s true that storage of your fresh juice may cause it to lose some of its nutrients (but not much). So, start off with as many nutrients as possible by going organic.

Freeze or Refrigerate?

It’s pretty easy to answer this. It depends entirely on the ingredients in your juice. If they can store well in the freezer in their natural states and still be pleasant after thawing, they’re OK to freeze after juicing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. Maybe pineapple, bananas, and a few others. Most fruits and vegetables become ‘gross’ after freezing and thawing. So, it’s not a great idea juice and freeze. Store your green juice in the fridge instead.

This therefore brings expiration into the equation.

How Long?

To summarize… yes, storing green juice in the fridge is OK, as long as you are wise about it. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot enjoy your juice immediately, then you have up to 72 hours at the most.

By the way, add your green superfood powder supplement just before drinking the juice, not days in advance.

Glass Over Plastic

In a perfect world it would be ideal to be able to reuse water bottles to store our juice in, but from a practical point of view, it doesn’t work. The thin plastic of those bottles allows for rapid oxidation, which greatly shortens the life of your juice. Glass is much less porous. Try using simple mason jars as they are relatively inexpensive and come with an airtight lid.

Smart Storage

Fill your containers leaving as little air space as possible to ensure maximum freshness. Once bottled, refrigerate immediately.

Add Some Citrus

Adding a small piece of citrus like lemon or lime is a good way to slow down deterioration. It’s similar to why you add lemon juice to apples and avocados to stop them from turning brown.

Happy juicing! Remember always to add a green superfood supplement to ensure you get the very best each and every day.

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