Six Power Foods That Are Good for Your Heart

heart power foodsAccording to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease deaths outnumber cancer deaths now and occur far more often than all the other causes.
It’s time for the epidemic to stop! The foods we consume here in America are the main reason, along with a general lack of activity. Continuous marketing and messaging about those foods drowns out the message that we need to consume more heart power foods.
Well, guess what? Six of those heart power foods are easy to consume. All you need is a green superfood supplement powder that contains all of them and you’re on your way to a happier, healthier heart.


While the name might sound familiar, few people actually know what Spirulina is. Well, it’s blue-green algae. More precisely, it’s called cyanobacteria and can grow in both fresh and salt water. Spirulina is clinically proven to help with blood vessel elasticity, hypertension, and improving hemoglobin and lipid profiles. It’s 100% natural and has been part of human diets for centuries. More than 60% of it is vegetable protein, which is far better for your heart than animal protein. It’s also packed with power nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, iron, potassium, Beta-carotene, and many more.

Green Tea

Green tea has been part of Asian diets for millennia and just look at their lower rates of heart disease. Green tea has a wide range of cardiovascular benefits – it lowers the risk of heart disease and heart attacks, lowers hypertension, and is effective in helping to manage cholesterol levels.


Kale is the green superfood of the decade and needs no introduction. However, some people don’t like its taste, despite its power in improving heart health.

So, turn to a green powder supplement that includes kale. You’ll get good doses of potassium, vitamin C and B6, all of which are known to promote a healthy heart. Plus a measured scoop of supplement once a day isn’t likely to cause the “overactive” stomach some people report from kale consumption that leaves them rushing to the bathroom.

Grape Seed

It’s amazing that the seeds in grapes that we spit out (or avoid) are actually a heart power food. Grape seed extract is a rich and powerful antioxidant that plays a role in improving circulation, controlling cholesterol levels, ¬†easing hypertension, maintaining healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health, along with helping cancer prevention and bone strength.

Maitake Mushrooms

This fantastic fungus is native to Japan and can be found in many dietary supplements, because it benefits are unparalleled. Maitake mushrooms are great for immunity, weight control, blood pressure and cholesterol. They’re delicious, too. But if they’re hard to find at your local grocery store, you can still give your heart a powerful dose through a scoop of supplement.


If blood clots, blood pressure and ease of circulation are a problem, ginger has been known as an awesome superfood for centuries. Aside from its heart benefits, it’s also considered helpful with nausea, appetite, arthritis, even pneumonia.

There you are – six heart power foods. The even better news is you can consume them all daily in a doctor-formulated supplement that tastes great and just needs to be added to water, juice or baked goods.

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