Raw Spinach Powder vs Fresh Spinach Leaves

Sometimes you can’t improve on nature or even improve on an old thing. But sometimes you can!

Usually food doesn’t fall into this category (at least in its basic raw state) but, thanks to modern science, spinach does. Simple raw spinach is very good, but spinach in powder form really packs a punch.

Why am I saying this? Because people are often comparing spinach powder vs fresh spinach. They’re both wonderful. But read on to find out how wonderful each form is.

Popeye Was Right

Spinach Powder vs Fresh SpinachSpinach is one of those foods that we all know is good for us. While fad diets and flavor of the month ingredients keep cropping up, spinach has consistently been considered among the healthiest foods you can eat. Its powerful benefits keep growing with nutritional and medical benefits being attributed to this leafy green plant all the time.

With all of these benefits, it was only a matter of time before science took it one step one farther and began to make the advantages of spinach available in distinctive ways and in different forms. The most popular of these is raw spinach power. But how exactly does the  science enhancement compete with Popeye’s favorite raw food? It’s time to examine the spinach powder vs spinach leaves debate. That includes spinach powder found in super greens supplement powders.

Time Tested and True – Spinach Leaves

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to spinach, and for that alone we should give it praise.Many foods are good for you one month, then out of favor the next. Yet spinach leaves have always been staple to most healthy diets. While the way to ensure you are getting the most nutrients out of your fresh spinach is to eat it raw, plenty can still be said for its versatility in cooking. One common practice to improve dietary health is to replace relatively nutrient-free lettuce with spinach leaves. This goes from salads and sandwiches to main courses and whole meals focused around this delicious vegetable; really only limited by your imagination (and possibly your free time).

New Kid on the Block – Raw Spinach Powder

Where spinach powder comes into its own is in potency and convenience.

The powder consists of the ground up seeds, leaf, and above ground parts of the plant. Then, importantly, it is concentrated.

The powder can be ingested in many ways: capsule form, added to shakes and juices, sprinkled on things, included in baking, you name it. Spinach powder is incredibly versatile – more so than in its raw leaf form.

Sometimes Less Effort Can Produce More Result

Yes, both forms of spinach provide ultimately the same benefits. It’s just that the powder packs so much more concentrated power into a small quantity. The equivalent in leaves can add up to cups and cups of the stuff.

It comes down to preference or in some cases lifestyle, which might dictate which method you prefer (and you can have both). If you’re after convenience and concentrated power, then a supplement containing raw spinach powder such as a superfood green supplement is the way to go. However, there’s nothing stopping you using the original regularly as well, for the best of both worlds.

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