Photon Superfuel Green Energy

Photon Superfuel – Green Energy


NOTE: One jar contains approximately 30-day serving.

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Product Description

Green Energy – Lean Body by PHOTON SUPERFUEL™ is a premium food and energy supplement, designed to provide nutritional support for those individuals who cannot and will not eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Photon Super Fuel contains 90 ingredients (more than any other product of it’s kind on the market). Each ingredient was carefully chosen by the doctors at Photon Pharma to provide unique and specific health benefits. It is designed to promote healing, energize, revitalize, alkalize, cleanse, facilitate mental clarity, support a healthy immune system and much more. Photon Super Fuel ™ is ALL NATURAL; it contains no additives, artificial colors, sugars, sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals. Read more about our unique formulation

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