Is Green Juice the Answer to Your Migraine Nightmares?

green juice migraineDo you suffer from migraines? You know only too well how debilitating they are. No doubt you have medication on hand for when one strikes. Likely you have also looked into what might be causing them and then… what might help prevent them.

For some of us, certain foods we eat trigger migraines. So can stress, medications, allergic reactions, hormones, sleep problems, even bright lights and certain odors.

So how about doing something that can help in the fight against all of those triggers? Improving your diet and wellbeing definitely improves stress, sleep, allergies, immunity, and more. So superfood green juice for migraines may just be best way to reduce their frequency and severity.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

The Nightmare of Migraines

Migraine headaches are a common complaint, affecting about 17 percent of women and 6 percent of men in the US. Sufferers generally experience one to four per month. Aside from triggers mentioned above, some can be caused genetically.

Migraines affect almost everyone differently. Some may begin as intense, painful headaches and stay that way. Others can lead to nausea, vomiting, light or sound sensitivity, and seeing colors. Some rarer kinds cause inflammation and even swelling within the brain, and in some severe cases this can cause other problems like temporary blindness.

Powerful Green Superfood Juice for a Powerful Change

Start your remedy search with a high nutrient, hydrating superfood green juice supplement. Migraines have many possible triggers – from caffeine withdrawal to too much caffeine to intense sensory overload at a concert or noisy place – but the most common are poor nutrition and dehydration. Your migraine is telling you something!

If avoiding certain foods and situations doesn’t get rid of migraines, ramp up your nutrition to the next level. A green juice supplement may be the easiest weapon ever in your fight against migraines. Just a scoop stirred into a glass of water or juice gives you the best superfoods for cleansing, rebalancing and refreshing your system. You get a concentrated dose of some of the most powerful recommended ingredients for keeping migraines at bay – kale, spinach, green apple, celery,  ginger, and spirulina.

Organic superfoods are the best for every part of your health. No preservatives, chemicals, additives or hidden nasties that worsen the migraine risks.

Cut down on processed foods, boost your superfood intake, and watch your wellbeing improve. Better health and wellbeing should mean fewer migraines.

Supplement Over Juicing

Whatever you do, don’t buy prepackaged green juices. They have added sugars that are bad for our systems and thus might make migraines more frequent.

While fresh juice sounds like a good idea, the cost of buying the piles of fresh vegetables and fruits can be a problem. So can all the preparation time and waste. Besides, if you feel a migraine coming on and want to hit it hard with superfood juice, how good of an idea is it to turn on a noisy juicer inches away from your face?

Just scoop, sprinkle and stir. So easy. So helpful. With a superfood green juice supplement, migraines can become less frequent, less severe, or even not show up at all.

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