How to Lose Weight Despite a Hectic Schedule

lose weight busy scheduleMost of us lead very busy lives, which can make sticking to an eating and exercise plan a challenge. The busier we get, the more likely we are to sacrifice meal preparation time and give in to convenience food that is detrimental to our weight and health.

It’s even tougher to eat well and drop pounds/inches while living with a hectic schedule. But it can be done. The keys to success are planning and nutritional supplements.

Here are some helpful tips for you to get healthy and trim while you’re busy, and without going hungry either.

Meal Planning

You plan your day and your week; you should plan your meals. It actually saves time, as well as unwanted calories. You have a better chance of sticking to your diet if you use some forethought. Pick a day of the week to do all your shopping, prep work, and even some cooking for the week.

When you plan meals and shop accordingly for healthy fresh foods, you’re more motivated to stick to the plan and definitely motivated to use the food in your fridge before it spoils.

The time investment to do this is minimal. Anyway, it’s for you. So make yourself a priority. Before you know it, you’ll have your food portions set out ready for each day, some meals frozen ready to heat (cooking in bulk is great), and so on. All that’s left to do is make a daily breakfast smoothie including a green superfood supplement to ensure your daily nutritional intake is A-1.

Not Just Any Supplement

If you’re looking to lose weight while living the busy lifestyle, you need the best nutrients. An average vitamin supplement from your grocery store is just that: average. Use an organic, doctor-formulated supplement packed with precise doses of green superfoods that are superb at boosting health and energy levels while supporting weight loss. Those ingredients must include things like kale, spinach, broccoli, green tea, zucchini¬† and collard greens. A good supplement powder tastes great mixed into fluids and can also be added to meals, salads and home baking.

Never Shop When You’re Hungry!

Ever! Eat before you go. Hunger increases the chance of buying nasty food.

See No Evil, Taste No Evil

Clear your kitchen of all junk food. How can you tell if it’s junk? If it’s food processed in a factory, it’s junk.

But don’t think this means you’re giving up foods you love!

Use a little initiative to create your own snacks and treats, from cookies and muffins to loaves and cakes. Add your green superfood supplement to ensure you get the best nutrition to enable your body to function at its most efficient and thus support weight loss.


The right diet alone does not automatically produce weight loss. Nor does exercise alone. It simply must be a combination of the two. But when you’re busy, exercising can be problematic. Again, make you the priority. Fuel yourself right and make exercise ‘sacred’. Otherwise, walk more each day. Take stairs, get off the bus/train one stop sooner, get out in nature at lunch. Just get moving.

Cut Sugar

Cut it right out, if possible. Our nation is addicted to sugar. It’s in almost everything, especially that nasty high fructose corn syrup. It’s even in bread and potato chips. Sugar is the single reason we’re so overweight. Cut the sugar, exercise daily,¬† and watch the pounds fall off – without any extra effort or time. How do you cut it out or reduce it? Follow the steps written above.

Your schedule may still be frantic, but you can still enjoy the new, trimmer, healthier you!

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