How to Avoid These Traps When Becoming a Vegan

vegan trapsUnquestionably, there are many benefits to becoming a vegan – as many benefits as there are reasons people take this step in the first place. For some, it’s all about ethics, animal rights, and the idea of leading a more sustainable life. For others, it’s about being healthier and staying away from the seemingly endless barrage of pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics found in most all food production.

While the step itself to become vegan is relatively simple, sticking with it requires a few important guidelines. Without those guidelines, there can be some pitfalls. So, let’s avoid those by identifying the most common vegan traps. You will be that much more likely to achieve the excellent lifestyle you so strongly desire.


Making the change to go vegan can require quite an adjustment in the body. Some vegan converts will say the worst trap is the cravings they got for cheesy, processed foods. Just work through them with as much positive energy as you can. They will pass. Flax and chia seeds help balance your system and reduce cravings. A proper balance of nutrition will also help enormously, so be sure you include a daily dose of green superfood nutritional supplement. Choose wisely the ingredients in that supplement, so you know it is actually vegan.

Not Enough Protein

Eating plant-based has so many benefits, but fruits and vegetables alone won’t give you enough protein. There are signs that tell you if you’re not getting enough protein – fatigue, anxiety, depression, difficulty focusing attention, muscle pain, slow recovery from injury, brittle nails that break often, brittle hair that splits and breaks, and so on. Eat plenty of nuts, grains, seeds and beans. Super greens, especially leafy greens, have good protein in them, so keep up that green supplement.

Food Boredom

Many people turn vegan and find that their taste buds rediscover how wonderful real food actually tastes. But others find that a common vegan trap is becoming uninspired about eating the same foods all the time. Let’s be honest, some food options you were accustomed to are gone once you go vegan. Some people find a couple of meals they like a great deal, but eat them to exhaustion. This is very much a trap that can cause temptation to fall off the wagon.

So before you begin, do some research and plan out a whole menu of snacks, vitamin filled tasty superfood supplements (for when you’re too busy to cook), and meals that you would enjoy. Plan your meals for the week, shop for them, and you’ll have a better time of it.

Vitamin Loss

Eating vegan can cause some people to fall into the trap of not getting sufficient vitamins and minerals, both in quantity and in variety. After all, how many of us are dieticians? Without animal products, you need other sources of iron and B vitamins, for example.

A great solution for this trap is using a vegan green supplement that is packed with a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure. These complement the vegan lifestyle very well, being all natural and easily added to smoothies, shakes and baked goods.

So arm yourself with knowledge, advice, the right foods and a good superfood supplement to make your new vegan life as awesome as it should be.

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