Five Tips for Juicing With Your Kids

juicing with kidsWe and our kids are bombarded with processed, sugary foods. Everywhere we turn, there’s junk – on TV, at parties, at school events, at restaurants, fundraisers, and so on. Add our busy schedules to that and we start to feel like healthy options are even more elusive and difficult.
Then, with the onslaught of foods loaded with flavor additives, it’s easy to worry that our kids will stop liking fruits and vegetables because the processed stuff becomes the “norm”. Not even juice in the grocery stores is immune to additives and chemicals.
But there is hope. Juicing and smoothies.
Juicing with kids and making smoothies is fun and can help create some good habits. Children that start healthy habits are more likely to maintain them as adults. So, give them a chance at a healthier future while grabbing an opportunity to have fun with them.

Here are some practical tips about juicing with kids.

Set a Time and Routine

There’s a misconception out there that juicing is difficult. Not true. You set routines for bedtime, bath time, reading time, meal time, and so on. Do the same for juicing. Kids thrive on routine. Make juicing and smoothies something fun to look forward to. Set a time that you stick to, make sure you have the ingredients, and condition them to respond positively to a cue like a particular song or the sight of the juicer/blender coming out.

Get Them Involved

They need to be close to the action. Yes, it’s messy. So what? Watching a blender or juicer is fun! Give the kids a step stool or sit them on the counter. Letting them choose their ingredients (under your supervision of course) is a great way to experiment with different flavors and they will feel like they can create something unique that is truly their own.

Worried it might not be the “healthiest” of juice blends? Throw in a spoonful of doctor formulated green superfood powder and they will always get the nutrients they need. It’s perfectly safe for kids, organic, tastes good, adds a vibrant green to the mix, and pumps the best nutrition into them.

Make and Assemble Recipes Together

So, it’s fun to choose ingredients, toss them in the blender/juicer, and then consume them. But it’s just as fun to create your own concoctions together and have the kids involved in recording them in a recipe book or computer file. Take photos and videos of the process and keep those, also. Great memories as well as a good way to record recipes.

The next time your kids ask for a snack, you can hand them the book or open the file and they can choose something they like that will be nutritious.

By the way, be adventurous with ingredient ideas.

Add Superfoods to Make It More Filling

Superfoods like blueberries (any berries, really), avocado, kale and spinach work well in juices and smoothies to make them more filling as well as healthier. Remember the banana, too. It’s nature’s energy food and adds hunger satisfaction.

You can really up the superfood intake with a scoop of your green superfood powder. The flavor is awesome while providing your kids with a surefire dose of the best nutrition they need for their growing bodies.

So, start juicing with your kids, have fun, and know you’re setting them up for a better future. Get some superfood powder, avoid the candy and processed stuff, and see them thrive!

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