Eating Clean During Summer Travel and Vacation

clean eating vacationLiving a clean eating lifestyle can be a challenge here in the United States. The challenge seems even greater when we hit the road or take to the skies for a well-deserved summer vacation.

Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are at an all-time high thanks to America’s love affair with, and addiction to, foods that are made more in laboratories and processing factories than in nature.

When we go on vacation we definitely want to relax, but for some reason we think it’s not a great break unless we return 10 pounds heavier having gorged on every culinary extravaganza we see.

Guess what? You can eat clean on vacation and enjoy it MORE because you’ll avoid the energy highs and lows that contribute to tiredness, appetite and cravings for junk. A little green superfood each day can work wonders to keep up your body’s ideal nutrition and energy levels.

Wanna Make the Most of Every Vacation Moment?

You need energy to enjoy a vacation. Physical and mental energy.

Yes, it can be tough when you’re surrounded by new foods and experiences. It’s too easy to just grab the nearest thing. But there’s no point undoing all your hard gym work and dietary care throughout the rest of the year.

Clean eating on summer vacation is the way to make the most of every waking – and sleeping – moment. The more you drink and indulge, the more you might think you’re relaxing, but in reality you’re sapping your energy and interfering with your ability to sleep restfully. Eat cleaner and you’ll have more energy, you’ll look better, you’ll think clearer, and you’ll sleep better. That’s a great way to enjoy traveling and vacationing. Dragging yourself from place to place craving the next sugar hit is not.

Preparation is Everything

Clean eating means consuming food that comes straight from nature as much as possible. If you were adhering to this pre-vacation, you know that preparation is huge. Meal planning and shopping for the week make you more inclined to stick to a plan and not buy/eat spontaneously. Same applies for vacation, if not more so. You’re going into unfamiliar territory and won’t have the same access to the best foods you’re used to.

As a bare minimum, take a green superfood supplement with you everywhere. Make it part of your breakfast routine each and every day. You’ll enjoy your vacation so much more.

If you can, book a self-contained apartment instead of a hotel/motel. With your own cooking facilities, you can plan meals and buy ingredients. The adventure comes in two forms: (1) you can plan recipes using interesting local foods you may not get at home and (2) you can still enjoy some restaurant meals, just make them worthwhile with quality food instead of fast, greasy, sugary stuff.

A Few Other Tips

  • Drink plain water. Hydration is key, especially in the warmer months, but on vacation, it’s easy to substitute a healthy beverage for a ‘fun’ one. Sipping water all day makes you less likely to crave or snack. You’ll have better energy and concentration, too. Remember to add your superfood supplement to it.
  • Eat meals only at meal times. Otherwise, you’re bound to lose track of what you’re taking in each day. You’ll have more control over your clean intake, also.
  • Save money. Planning and buying meal ingredients is less expensive than restaurants. Keep your money for other fun activities while eating clean.
  • An occasional treat is OK. Clean eating on vacation doesn’t mean denying yourself everything. You’re human and you’re on vacation. Have one treat a day. It will be more special and worthwhile, plus you’ll know it won’t be a binge.

Pack that green superfood supplement and enjoy your clean eating summer vacation!

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