Easy, Clean and Healthy Snacks You Can Munch On At Work

Sometimes being healthy requires time, preparation and commitment. Especially at work where junky snacks can be a huge temptation. But sometimes, it’s easy to do the right thing. Healthy work snacks are no longer a distant dream, especially with these easy green superfood snack ideas to keep your mind sharp and tummy satisfied.

The Secret to Good Health

healthy work snacks, green superfood snacksYou simply have to be active and eat smart. For some reason in our modern society, we don’t mind putting in the time for exercise but somehow start thinking that preparing healthy food is time consuming. The activity part requires way more time than the food prep. Yet all the exercise is nothing if we don’t give our bodies the best fuel and watch our calorie intake.

That’s the “secret”.

Snacks are often hugely problematic for good health. As the work day progresses, we are bound to encounter moments of hunger that might not adhere to our eating schedule. At these moments chocolate bars, chips and candy become more appealing, if not for their taste, then for their convenience alone. We lose track of each donut and sugary treat we spontaneously grab. Yet continuous sugar intake makes our bodies addicted to it and produces a cycle of a sugar craving, followed by a sugar hit of energy, followed by a crash and mental lethargy, followed by a sugar craving, and so on. (By the way, even your potato chips have sugar added to them.)

Break the cycle with some healthy work snacks you prepare yourself using a doctor-formulated green superfood supplement powder and no sugar.

Superfood Smoothie

Why just enjoy one superfood when you can reap the benefits of several at once? Of course, we are talking about the infamous superfood smoothie, which tastes amazing and provides a steady energy and alertness with no “crash”. Combine your favorite health weapons like kale, spinach, carrots, and collard greens, along with something sweeter like goji berries, bananas and pomegranate. Add a scoop of green superfuel powder supplement to round off this liquid gold.

Try it for a week as your healthy work snack and notice how much longer you stay alert and how much less you crave junk.


Forget the frozen yogurt or the kind that comes in ‘dessert like’ flavors. Stick with simple, plain, organic Greek yogurt and add your own fruit, along with a serving of green superfood powder to turn your morning work snack into the fuel you need to finish your day off right.

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea have long been known. A hot drink at work is also helpful to your state of mind. Consuming the liquid steeped with the tea is good; consuming the tea leaves themselves are better. How can you do that without it tasting gross? Add some green superfood powder to your green tea. It will sweeten it without using sugar and you will be consuming actual tea leaves in there, along with a host of potent ingredients and nutrients.

Hummus and Veggies

When you are looking for a more “solid” tasty and healthy work snack, just fill a small container with hummus along with a little superfood supplement mixed in. Then just cut up some carrots, celery, radishes and red peppers. So simple, easy, delicious and good for you.

See? Healthy work snacks can be easy. Buy some superfood supplement and enjoy your work day guilt free and with better energy.

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