About Photon Superfuel



As a doctor practicing medicine for over 30 years, I need a lot of energy to get through the day. 


Early on in my career as a physician, I realized the need for true energy, not the artificial type of energy generated by stimulants such as caffeine.  The purest form of true energy comes from the sun through the fruits and vegetables we eat.  Therefore, it seemed logical that juicing would produce the energy that I needed to meet the demands of a medical practice.   

I began to drink 16 ounces of fresh juice daily.   I have always encouraged juicing with my patients and in some cases, with patients who are not getting proper nutrition, I have prescribed Photon Superfuel one to two times a day. The results were without question and I saw the improvement patients made with their health journey if they followed my prescription.  However, the recurring complaint I would hear, in spite of the positive results, was that it takes too much time and the clean up is another issue. 

While researching a way to make it easier for my patients to get better nutrition with something comparable to fresh green juicing, I began to develop a green juice supplement so that my patients could get enough fruits and vegetables with most of the same results that fresh juicing provides.  I searched out the highest quality of powdered fruits and vegetables with a low temperature drying method. This is an important factor in protecting the energy of the plants without destroying the photon or energy component needed to produce the high energy that comes from juicing.  My research also produced another important consideration, and that is, finding fruits and vegetables grown in volcanic soil, which imparts a higher level of minerals into the plants.  It was also important that the plants not be treated with chemical pesticides, which contaminate the plants. These are some of the important factors that set green juice supplement Photon Superfuel apart from most other “green drinks” on the market. 

After developing Photon Superfuel, I began to add one large tablespoon to my fresh vegetable juice every morning.  After practicing medicine for all these years, I still enjoy my work and continue to search for ways to treat difficult or persistent health problems using integrative therapies, always keeping the important facet of energetic nutrition at the forefront.

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